Friday, February 15, 2013

Sin Carne, Sin Queso, Sin Leche

In about 2 weeks my husband, fellow Mas Loco Chris Rios, Guadajuko and I will be making our way back down to The Copper Canyon's of Mexico.  As I prepare all the happy experiences from last year's trip floods me with joy.  Last year as I readied myself for the trip I was nervous about traveling by vehicle to Mexico.  I was nervous about the race and worried about how rusty my Spanish was.  Last year I thought the trip was about getting there and running a cool race,  The Caballo Blanco Ultra Marathon.  But before I got to Del Osso at the top of the canyon I had learned the the trip was about the entire experience, the people, the Raramuri, the locals, the Mas Locos and about me.  I immediately felt at home at Del Osso.  Surrounded by friends that I had already known and ones that I was meeting for the first time.  As cliche and funny as it sounds there is a peace in the canyon areas that I had not experienced before.  I believe it stems from the Raramuri spirit of "Korima".  It is the belief of sharing what you can without expectation of anything in return.  It is the lifestyle of random acts of kindness.  I am looking forward to feeling that peace again. 

Traveling into the canyon is not easy.  By foot it is about an 18 mile hike and by vehicle you experience a narrow, steep, twisty turning bumpy dirt road.  But once into the canyons you are welcomed to a small village where you can buy handmade tortillas or huaraches right from someones front room.  There are several hotels to choose from and a wonderful hostel of sorts called Entre Amigos owned by Keith. In the canyon internet and phone service are difficult and suddenly seem unnecessary.  More enjoyment is found by a day long hike and a plate of food and a beer at Mama Tita's restaurant.  One does not need to tell Mama Tita's what to bring, mostly you just order a plate of food.  You get what you get and it is all good.  I am a sometimes vegetarian so I order un plato sin carne, sin queso y sin leche.  Then I feast on all I can eat beans, rice, cactus, tortillas, pasta...or whatever is brought to me.  The food, although good, is secondary to a meal on wooden picnic tables and plastic table cloths surrounded by friends...eating, drinking and sharing tales.  Love and korima abounds and meals are bought for the Raramuri who have traveled long distances by foot to be at the race.  Warm food fills their bellies and peace fills your heart.  Korima.....

This year there is no worry because that peace is already creeping into me.  There is a sadness that the beloved Caballo Blanco (Micah True) is no longer running the Earth with us but at the same time a joy in knowing that his mission of preserving the lifestyle of the Raramuri (The Running People) lives on.  I look forward to seeing my fellow Mas Locas and sharing more time and tales together.  The Copper Canyons are calling me.  I am excited to be answering that call.

La Roja