Tuesday, March 24, 2015

PrAna Review

Most of you all know that I am very active and spend much of my day wearing running clothes.  You also know that my favorite brand of running attire is INKnBURN because it is a quality product and has some unique design.  Because of the incredible amount of running clothing I already own I find it hard to justify buying clothes specific to hiking or other activities.  However, recently I had to opportunity to try out a few pieces of PrAna active wear. I choose to try the Sophia bra top, the Marly Top and the Monarch Convertible pants.  I really fell in love with the comfort of each of these items and want to share a quick review of each of them with you.

The Sophia Bra-
I will have to admit that I am not a good candidate to review the supportive features of a active wear bra since I am an A cup and do not need to have a supportive bra.  That being said, as a runner my bra must have the proper fit and be made of a breathable material to avoid chaffing.  The Sofia bra passed the running test with me.  I did have some concern with the twist on the back of the bra but found that it did not cause any issue for me.  The bra is lined but has no padding.  It dries quickly.  I like that it is a bra top.  This allows for me to feel comfortable changing shirts after a run and still feeling as if I am clothed enough.  

The Marley Top-
The Marley top has a built in bra with removable modesty cups.  The length of the top is just perfect for me.  As a taller woman so many times when I buy a size small top the length seems as if it is made for a petite sized woman but this top gave my belly full coverage.  The material is some of the softest I have ever felt.  I really like the fit of the built in bra.  This has become a fast favorite of mine.  I am wearing it now along with the Monarch Pants.

The Monarch Pants-
I have wanted to get a pair of convertible hiking pants for a while.  We travel often and I liked the idea of having a versatile pair of pants that allow me to pack a little less.  Although I am 5’8” I ordered the average length because I had read several reviews stating that the pants ran long.  The length was just right for me.  My first thought when putting on the pants was that they felt like a heavier material than I had expected.  Because I live in the desert my concern was that there may be a couple months a year that these would not be practical.  The fit was amazing and I love that they have an interior string to tighten the waistband as needed. There was only one zip pocket (not two as the item description stated online).  The back has flap pockets that snap which I do prefer. The front/side zip pocket fit my phone (iphone 5 with a protective case). The pants have a very business casual look to them and I can see wearing them out to dinner as well as out hiking.  I took them out for a couple of hikes so far and did not find them to be too warm.  They are comfy and allow good movement.

I would highly recommend the items that I tried.  I washed and have reused all items at least twice.  Getting to try a few items reminded me of one of the things I always tell other people.  Buy the best equipment that you can afford.  Although I do have plenty of running clothes I am sold on buying clothing that is the best equipment for each activity now.  The Monarch Pants are what really sold me.  Hiking in running shorts or tights is fine but having the pockets and the adjustable waist along with the option of making them into capris really impressed me.  

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